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Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR)

Corporate Social Responsibility in ONGC

Corporate_SocialAs a public sector enterprise, ONGC has a long and cherished tradition of commendable initiatives, institutionalized programmes and practices of Corporate Social Responsibility which have played a laudable role in the development of several underdeveloped regions of the country. The vision of sustainable growth drives both business decisions as well as our Corporate Social Responsibility works. Our CSR activities are essentially guided by project based approach in line with the guidelines issued by the Department of Public Enterprises and Ministry of Corporate Affairs of the Government of India. The CSR initiatives of ONGC were marked by unrelenting commitment to several large – scale key projects as well as initiation of several new projects identified under the 12 focus areas of ONGC i.e.

  1. Education including vocational courses,
  2. Health Care,
  3. Entrepreneurship (self-help & livelihood generation) schemes,
  4. Infrastructure support near ONGC operational areas,
  5. Environment protection, ecological conservation, promotion,
  6. Protection of heritage sites, UNESCO heritage monuments etc.
  7. Promotion of artisans, craftsman, musicians, artists etc. for preservation of heritage, Art & Culture,

  8. Women’s Empowerment, Girl Child Development, Gender sensitive projects,
  9. Water Management including ground water recharge,
  10. Initiatives for Physically and Mentally challenged,
  11. Sponsorship of seminars, conferences, workshops etc.
  12. Promoting Sports/sports persons; supporting agencies promoting sports / sports persons.

Corporate_Social2ONGC, in its quest for oil and gas, charters remote rural locations and is in a constant interface with underprivileged local communities which results in better understanding of the community and consequently an enhanced sense of responsibility and accountability to the communities whose lives we touch.A well-defined set of objectives, clearly delineated beneficiaries, strategy and project activities characterize CSR projects undertaken to yield discernible, long-term, sustainable benefits for the communities in question Major CSR projects undertaken during the year are enlisted below.

Corporate_Social31.VaristhajanaSwasthyaSewaAbhiyan: ONGC along with HelpAge India continues its efforts to take healthcare to the doorsteps of the elderly through Mobile Medicare Units. In 2011-12, all the 20 MMUs were launched and almost 1.9 lakh treatments were provided across the eight States and one Union Territory.

2. ONGC-GICEIT Computer Centre: Under this initiative, implementing partner BharatiyaVidyaBhavan operates five computer centres providing employment-related computer training to underprivileged youth across different operational areas of ONGC. In 2011-12, more than 1400 students have received free employability training through these centres.

Corporate_Social43. Project Utkarsh- Livelihood Project in Sibasagar: Initiated in 2011-12, this project seeks to expand livelihood opportunities for 400 households in one year through training of women in skills like tailoring, soft toy making etc. with linkages for income generation as well as training the elderly in vocations like goatery, piggery, mushroom cultivation etc. while establishing adequate forward and backward linkages.

4. Harit Moksha: This unique CSR venture with MokshdaParyavaranEvam Van SurakshaSamiti (Mokshda PEVSS) has led to the development of an energy-efficient and environment friendly wood based crematorium with a system called Mokshda Green Cremation System (MGCS) which is capable of reducing wood consumption by 60% besides minimizing air and water pollution in a significant manner. Now, there are 10 such MGCS units across the cities of Vadodara, Cambay, Ahmedabad and Delhi.

Corporate_Social55. ONGC-NSTFDC HathkarghaPrashikshan: The CSR project was aimed at economically empowering the women tribal handloom artisans in Assam to facilitate cluster development for economically marginalized tribal populations. In 2011-12, around 100 tribal handloom artisans were provided on-the-job training in the improvised looms by master craftsmen that included training in intricate designs for catering to wider markets.

6. ONGC-Eastern Swamp Deer Conservation Project in Kaziranga National Park: The project aims at successfully conserving the species of the Eastern Swamp Deer. Understanding the species and the habitat, developing stringent conservation action initiatives that could prevent extinction and examining the possibility of translocation of the species to additional areas to conserve species and habitat will be important project activities. The project is in the first phase which consists of gathering information on the species.

7. ONGC Hospitals: ONGC will be setting up multispecialty hospitals at Sibsagar, Assam and Ankleshwar, Gujarat and a Community Hospital at Lakhimpur-Kheri, Uttar Pradesh.