Supriya Choudhary

Dileep Tiwari

Lieutenant Supriya Choudhary

Exploration Empowerment Encouragement is motto of myself & having explored the immense opportunities at ONGC, I feel empowered as a lady territorial army officer. Behind my accomplishment lies the encouragement of ONGC.

The exposure at ONGC rejuvenates my spirit and I also feel motivated to apply my scientific & research knowledge in the field of Oil & Gas. As a Scientist, I am working with this great organization from 2013 and this journey has been very enriching for me professionally and personally.

It is my privilege that I got opportunity to serve my country by joining the territorial army. Meeting with the Honorable President of India & Chief of Army Staff of the Indian Army on the occasion of Territorial army day in the year 2017, is a dream come true for me, which would not have been possible without the support of ONGC. I also feel honored by participating in Republic day parade at ONGC HQ, Dehradun, and leading the parade as a parade commander is another feather in my cap, added by ONGC.

Physical fitness is a key factor for a healthy work culture & our organization encourages me to maintain physical well-being by providing state-of the art-sports facilities and various platforms to prove our mettle. After joining ONGC, I got ample opportunities to pursue my passions such as playing badminton, lawn tennis & golf, trekking, social activities & by this way organization is grooming my personality too.

It is my pride association with ONGC, that has helped me rise and shine. l wish, ONGC to achieve greater heights in the future and nurture many more individuals like me to realize their true potential.