Meghna Pegu

Meghna Pegu

Manager (HR)

As an avid traveler, adventure enthusiast and sportlover (and also a bookworm, photographer and closet blogger), ONGC has provided me unprecedented opportunities.

I love the freedom, support and encouragement that ONGC gives me to pursue my passions. It is truly incredible, actually. I mean, which other company would give you paid leave to do an expedition to the Kailash Mansarovar! As part of ONGC Himalayan Association (ONGCHA), I have been part of many trekking and rafting expeditions. ONGC also gives tremendous support to Sports. I picked up the TT racket after years only after joining ONGC, and I love playing with my colleagues – winning the inter-sectoral TT championship in ONGC and Delhi Corporate Games, have been added bonuses.

ONGC is a women-friendly and talent-appreciative organization. My seniors have encouraged me to develop professionally – including an excellent exposure to an international training programme at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and the opportunity to organize the remarkably successful Petrotech 2014 World Petroleum Council Youth Event – ‘ReYuvaNation’ (still proud of coming up with that clever name)

I have received tremendous support from my seniors and colleagues, which has enabled me to expand my travel footprints to exotic destinations such as the Grand Prismatic Spring in the US, the Highlands of Scotland and the pristine white beaches of Krabi!

I don’t think many organizations in the world can be this cool.