Shireesh B Kedare

Prof. Shireesh B. Kedare has obtained his B.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Bombay in 1985. He also obtained his Ph.D. in 1992 from IIT Bombay in “Reciprocating Wind Machine”. He spent three years (1992-95) as a volunteer in social sector working on different issues related to ‘Development’. He started his engineering consultancy in energy and environment in 1995. He worked as a Technical Consultant (1998-2001) to the Chairman, Khadi and Village Industries Commission when he worked on the issues related to Development of Rural Industries Clusters. He is presently associated with IIT Bombay as a Professor.

He joined Department of Energy Science and Engineering, IIT Bombay as an adjunct faculty and simultaneously Clique Developments Ltd., an engineering Company in Mumbai as its Director (R&D). Based on his studies on different renewable energy systems, he identified a need for developing concentrating solar thermal collectors for industrial process heat applications way back in 1997. He acted as a Principal Investigator (2004 to 2007) under IIT Bombay-Clique R & D project of ARUN 160 (160 sq.m Fresnel Paraboloid Solar Concentrator for industrial process heat) sponsored by MNRE (Ministry of New and Renewable Energy), New Delhi. He has also worked on integration of solar concentrator technology for a variety of industrial processes as well as commercial applications using steam, pressurized water or thermic fluid as media and for steam augmentation in thermal power plants.

Along with optimization of Solar Industrial Process Heat Systems with and without storage, his focus is on development of solar thermal power plant with storage working for 24 h/d suitable for Indian conditions. He is also associated with Centre for Technology Alternatives for Rural Areas (CTARA), IIT Bombay and is working on rural energy and other technologies. He is presently focusing on problem assessment and development and dissemination of small and affordable implements for performance improvement for traditional wood fired cook-stoves (Chulha) used in different regions of the country.