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National Oil Company of India

"Not only had India... set up her own machinery for oil exploration and exploitation... an efficient oil commission had been built where a large number of bright young men and women had been trained and they were doing good work."- Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru, India's first Prime Minister to Lord Mountbatten, on ONGC (1959).

Today, ONGC is the flagship company of India; and making this possible is a dedicated team of around 33,000 professionals who toil round the clock in challenging geographies. It is this toil which amply reflects in the aspirations and performance figures of ONGC. The company has adopted progressive policies in scientific planning, acquisition, utilization, training and motivation of the team. At ONGC, everybody matters, every soul counts.

ONGC has a unique distinction of being a company with in-house service capabilities in all the activity areas of exploration and production of oil & gas and related oil-field services.

Needless to emphasize, this was made possible by the men & women behind the machine. Over 18,000 technically-competent experienced scientists, engineers and specialist professionals, mostly from distinguished Universities / Institutions of India and abroad form the core of our executive profile. They include geologists, geophysicists, geochemists, drilling engineers, reservoir engineers, petroleum engineers, production engineers, engineering & technical service providers, financial and human resource experts and IT professionals.