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What's New

Projects during 2016 - 17

Sl. No. Title of    the R&D   project Name of the OEC Project Manager Collaborator Institute/In-House
Uranium Program
1 Studies on Naturally Occurring Uranium in Sedimentary Rocks for Possible Extraction as Nuclear Fuel Dr. C. S. Sarmah University of Pune
2 In situ Leaching of Uranium Mr Veerendra Singh IIT-Kharagpur
3 Initial experiments on In-situ-leaching (ISL) process development Mr Veerendra Singh In-House
4 Development of hybrid nanozyme-bacterial hydrogels for augmentation of uranium leaching from subsurface soil Mr Veerendra Singh PSG institute of Advanced Studies, Coimbatore
5 Drilling, Coring and Logging of 16 Parametric Wells in Kaikalur-Lingala Mr Veerendra Singh In-House (Completed on 28.10.2016)
Hydrogen Program
6 Thermo-chemical Hydrogen generation through partially open loop S-I process involving H2S incineration; experimental studies on Bunsen Reaction and HI decomposition. Dr. C. S. Sarmah CSIR-IIP, Dehradun
7 Development of polymeric charged membranes for thermochemical hydrogen generation processes. Dr. C. S. Sarmah Central Salt and Marine research Institute (CSMCRI), Bhavnagar
8 Development of materials as alternative to Platinum as electrode materials in the Cu-Cl cycle Dr. C. S. Sarmah ICT, Mumbai
9 Continuation of Closed Loop Experimental Studies on ICT - OEC Process for Copper-Chlorine (Cu-Cl) Thermo-chemical Hydrogen Production Dr. C. S. Sarmah ICT, Mumbai
10 Prolonged Stability Tests of IIT-D Developed Catalysts for HI Decomposition Reaction of S-I Cycle Dr. C. S. Sarmah IIT, Delhi (Completed on 10.05.2016)
11 Extensive characterization of supported metallic oxide catalysts and theirs stability in sulfuric acid decomposition section of I-S cycle for Hydrogen production Dr. C. S. Sarmah IIT- Delhi (Completed on 22.06.2016)
12 Scale up of I-S, EED & ED based membrane processes for production and concentration of HI as Hydrogen source Dr. C. S. Sarmah CSIR-CSMCRI
13 Development of Ceramic Membranes for Gas Separation Applications in S-I and Cu-Cl cycles for Clean Energy Production Dr. C. S. Sarmah CSIR-CGCRI
14 Design and Development of Sulfuric acid concentrator and Internals for Bayonet Convertor Dr. C. S. Sarmah IIT, Delhi
Biotechnology Program
15 Development of Process for bioconversion of Unrecovered Oil to Methane Dr. Nimmi Singh In-House
16 Development of microbial process for in-situ generation / enhancement of methane from underground coal seams. Dr. Nimmi Singh TERI
17 Development of specialized Microbial Culture Bank for Energy Recovery from Lignite and Matured Oil Reservoirs Dr. Nimmi Singh ARI, Pune
18 Isolation and Characterization of SRB Lysing Bacteriophage for Inhibition of Petroleum field Sourcing and SRB Induced Corrosion Dr. Nimmi Singh ARI, Pune
19 Feasibility studies on production of microbial oil from Oleaginous yeast and fungi. Dr. Nimmi Singh In-House
20 Hotwiring microbial communities for enhanced unconventional gas production Dr. Nimmi Singh TERI (Indian Partner) and University of New South Wales, Australia (International Partner)
Solar Program
21 Performance Evaluation of Solar Thermal Dish Stirling Engine System Mr Uday Shankar In-House
22 Investigation  of  Properties  of  Molten  Salt  as  a  Heat Storage Medium Mr Uday Shankar ICT, Mumbai
23 Development of Solar PV and wind hybrid power plant with large scale at Kaza, Himachal Pradesh Mr Puneet Kishore Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI)
24 Design and Development of a Single Cylinder Free Piston Stirling Engine (FPSE) for net 3 kWe Electrical Output Using Solar Energy and also other renewable energy as Input Mr Uday Shankar IIT, Bombay
25 R&D project on Design, Fabrication and Erection of up to 2MWe Concentrating Solar Thermal Power Plant based on beam down technology Mr Uday Shankar BARC, Mumbai
26 Scoping Study for Integration of GGS process system with Solar Block-Phase 2 Mr Uday Shankar Engineers India Ltd. (Completed on 14.04.2016)
27 Development of self-cleaning coatings based on super-hydrophobicity for solar panel applications Dr. Nimmi Singh PSG institute of Advanced Studies, Coimbatore
28 R&D on Geothermal Power Generation using single well concept Mr Puneet Kishore In-House
29 Project on simulation work for Single well Geothermal Mr Puneet Kishore IIT Delhi
30 Assessment of Geothermal Potential and Setting up of Geothermal Pilot Power Plant in Cambay basin, Gujarat Mr Puneet Kishore In-House
31 Study on "Preparation of Technology Forecast Report on Nanotechnology Applications in Oil & Gas Exploration" Dr. Nimmi Singh National Research Development Corporation (NRDC)
32 Selective Conversion of CO2 to CO using an Inexpensive Nanoporous Carbon doped oxides through plasma/photocatalysis Dr. Nimmi Singh Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology (MANIT), Bhopal