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Board Level Committees

List of Committees of the Board of the Company (Reconstituted by Board at its 300th Meeting held on 30.11.2017)

Name of the Committee  Members
1. Audit & Ethics Committee

Chairman-Shri K.M. Padmanabhan, Members - S/Shri Shri Sumit Bose, Shri Vivek Mallya, Shri Deepak Sethi, Smt. Ganga Murthy and Director (Offshore), Invitee-  Director (Finance).

2. Project Appraisal Review Committee (PARC)

Chairman - Prof. S. B. Kedare, Members - S/Shri Amar Nath, Ajai Malhotra, Sumit Bose, Ganga Murthy and Director (Offshore), Invitee - Director (Expl.), Director (Onshore) and Director (Finance).

3. Stakeholders’ Relationship Committee (SRC)

Chairman- Dr. Sambit Patra, Members - S/Shri Ganga Murthy, Deepak Sethi, S. B. Kedare, Director (HR) and Director (Finance).

4. Nomination & Remuneration Committee (N&RC)

Chairman - Dr. Santrupt B. Misra, Members - S/Shri Shashi Shanker, Rajiv Bansal, Ajai Malhotra, K.M. Padmanabhan and Sambit Patra, Invitee - Director (HR) and Director (Finance).

5. HSE Committee

Chairman- Shri Deepak Sethi, Members - S/Shri K M Padmanabhan, Vivek Mallya, Santrupt B. Misra ,Sambit Patra and Director (Expl.), Invitee- Director (Offshore) and Director (Onshore) and Director (HR).

6. CSR Committee

Chairman -Shri Ajai Malhotra, Members - S/Shri S. B. Kedare, Vivek Mallya, Santrupt Misra, Sambit Patra and Director (HR).

7. Committee on Dispute Resolution

Chairman - Shri Vivek Mallya, Members - S/Shri Shashi Shanker, Ajai Malhotra, Sumit Bose, Santrupt B. Misra and Director (Onshore).

8. Committee for Issue of Share Certificates

Members - Director (HR), Director (Expl.) and Director (Onshore).

9. Research and Development Committee

Chairman - Smt Ganga Murthy, Members - S/Shri S. B. Kedare, Sumit Bose, Deepak Sethi and Director (Expl).

10. Committee for Review of Subsidiaries & Joint Ventures

Chairman - Shri Sumit Bose, Members- S/Shri Ajai Malhotra, KM Padmanabhan, Vivek Mallya and Director (Offshore), Invitee-Director (Finance).

11. Asha Kiran

Chairman - Shri Vivek Mallaya, Members – Director (HR) and Director (Expl.)

CMD was authorised by Board to re-nominate members among functional directors from time to time considering the vacancies and/or administrative requirements.